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The most important thing for a sofa is to give people relaxation after sitting down. This backrest sofa focuses on the depth of the sofa seat and the angle of the backrest, which makes it more suitable for the sitting habit of the human body. With a high rebound of spongy cushion, it gets a proper sense of security after sitting. The sofa can be freely retractable and adjusted in length. It can be easily stored when not in use and does not occupy space.

???Stretchable design stretch ready to use

Without complicated installation, the sofa can be covered cushions after being fully stretched. The accessories are simple and easy to use.

Foldable without occupying space

After folding, the size of the sofa is greatly compressed and can be placed in a relatively narrow space. If it is used as an activity arrangement, it is convenient to store and can be used repeatedly for many times.

Strong bearing force

Special made kraft paper has strong bearing force, tensile, fold-resistant, wear resistance

Special structure: hexagonal honeycomb structure

Two specifications make Body load as much as 300kg / mcarrying capacity.

Changeable shape and decorative space

Art stack sofa can be placed straight and placed along the corner. It can also be placed around the tea table in a ring, changing by placing method, can help decorate space.


  • Size: 75cm height, 75cm wide, 180cm long
  • Folding size: 75cmx75cmx11cm
  • Net weight: 30kg
  • Bearing force: 300kg/m2
  • Color options: Brown
  • Package include: 1pcs x kraft paper folding sofa, 3pcs x cushions

Additional information

Weight 33 kg
Dimensions 81 × 81 × 21 cm


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